Zumero for SQL Server is out of beta with the release of version 1.0.

Zumero for SQL Server (ZSS) is the self-hosted version of Zumero that works alongside your existing SQL Server databases — and the applications that use them — to provide mobile sync with no backend code changes.

Some of the improvements since Preview 2:

  • Fixed support for tables in SQL Server schemas other than dbo.
  • Implemented support for foreign key actions.
  • Added Cordova/PhoneGap libraries, currently supporting iOS and Android.
  • Added support for NEWID(), GETUTCDATE(), and SYSUTCDATETIME() functions in DEFAULT.

See the release notes for more details, and instructions on upgrading from the previews to the release version.

To download Zumero for SQL Server, browse the documentation, or request a trial license key, visit the ZSS Dev Center.