Zumero for SQL Server v3.2 - Release Notes

Zumero for SQL Server (ZSS) v3.2.0 is now available for download in the dev center.

New features and improvements in ZSS 3.2:

  • Purge History: 3.2 introduces a much more powerful Purge feature, which can delete more of the tracking data that Zumero uses during the sync operation. For more information, please see: Purging History
  • Performance: Optimized more queries during the server’s sync process.
  • SQL Server Database Growth: Changed the Update triggers used by Zumero to ignore UPDATE statements that make no changes.
  • ZSS Manager: In the Filter dialog, if the where clause is invalid, you can click on the message to view the specific SQL Server error.
  • ZSS Manager: Improve performance when loading the Filter dialog.
  • ZSS Manager: Added a new Purge History window to allow purging data from the GUI.
  • Performance: Added SQL Server indexes to several tables in the Zumero schema. NOTICE: If you have a large amount of history, the Upgrade process may take some time.

Deprecated features in ZSS 3.2

  • Client SDK: ZSS client libraries for Mac OS no longer include 32bit support.

Upgrade Instructions

Upgrade Order

The recommended order for upgrading to ZSS 3.x from older versions is:

  1. Stop the Zumero web site in IIS.
  2. Upgrade the ZSS Server.
  3. Upgrade the ZSS Manager
  4. Run ZSS Manager and follow the upgrade prompts (see Upgrading in the ZSS Manager documentation). If you have multiple databases, you should examine them all for upgrades.
  5. Restart the IIS site.


ZSS Server versions 2.x and 3.x require activation. If you are upgrading from version 1.x, please visit the Activation page to activate your existing license keys. If you have already activated your license keys, you do not need to reactivate them or take any additional action for this upgrade.


Older clients will work with ZSS 3.x servers, but will not be able to take full advantage of the new features and improvements. Newer clients will not sync with older ZSS servers.

Clients earlier than ZSS 2.0 should not be used with date-based purging. See the documentation for details.

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